Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sophia's First Corn Maze!

Today, my family and I took Sophia to Swore Farms here in Pocatello for the corn maze. She was such a doll! I bundled her up in her cozy hat and jacket and her favorite blankie, and we ventured into the corn! It was sweet how relaxed she was as Olivia, Sam, and I navigated the maze. It was really cool how Swore Farms set it up. There were a series of trivia questions that we had to answer correctly in order to know which way to go, which made it especially interesting since we got nearly every single question wrong. As it got darker and as we became more and more lost, we saw my mom, Tori, and Lacy (thankfully!) show up to help us find our way out. I honestly don't think we would have made it out without them. Afterward, we decided to go on the hay ride. I had such a blast doing these activities with my Sophia! Fall is definitely much more fun with little ones. About halfway through the hay ride Sophia had just about had it with the day! She was getting pretty chilly --she had lost one of her socks in the corn maze-- and overall she was hungry and tired. What a fun day it was though! I can't wait to begin and share more traditions with her <3 love her so much.

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