Sunday, October 28, 2012

Little Munchkin Got a Pumpkin!

Yesterday at Swore Farms, while we were lost in the corn maze, my mom and sisters got Sophia the cutest baby pumpkin from the patch! Seriously, it's the cutest pumpkin ever. So today, we brought it in from the car and placed it in front of her. Her eyes immediately lit up with that sweet awe and wonder little babies get. I placed it in her outstretched arms and what did she do with it? Put it up to her mouth of course! Because if it looks pretty or makes noise, we must taste it. What's so cool, too, is that since she was a newborn, orange has seemed to be the color she enjoys the most. So I think the color of the pumpkin as well as the fact that it's something new just appeals to her so much. Watching her play with that pumpkin is so fun! Her eyes and face just light up with surprise and amusement as she rolls it back and forth. How fun is it to watch little children learn and grow? I just love it. Now I have to decide what fun things we're going to do to that pumpkin!

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